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These courses are available to all to view online and/or download. Offering fundamental information about Wireshark and packet analysis, these courses may be used to get a glimpse at Wireshark in action or prepare for other training courses.

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Instructor: Laura Chappell, Founder of Wireshark

  • Why Wireshark?
  • Getting Around in Wireshark
  • Wireshark Internals
  • Follow a Packet Through a Network
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Download this file (Chappell_followapacket.mp4)Chappell_followapacket.mp4Follow a Packet Through a NetworkLaura Chappell32484 Kb
Download this file (Chappell_wiresharkinternals.mp4)Chappell_wiresharkinternals.mp4Wireshark InternalsLaura Chappell41923 Kb
Download this file (Chappell_wiresharkgui.mp4)Chappell_wiresharkgui.mp4Getting Around in WiresharkLaura Chappell33045 Kb
Download this file (Chappell_whywireshark.mp4)Chappell_whywireshark.mp4Why Wireshark?Laura Chappell23324 Kb