All Access Pass Online Training Portal

Where Do I Start?

We know there are a LOT of classes in the All Access Pass training portal. This leads to the question... "Where do I start?"

The answer depends on your familiarity with Wireshark and TCP/IP communications.

Click on Enroll in Classes and notice there is a Course categories drop-down list. Use this feature to save time looking for just the right course for you.

Here are some recommended starter courses.

Start with the Jumpstart
Start with the CS48 - Wireshark Jumpstart 101 (March 2013) course. Get a feel for the training and the capabilities of Wireshark. This one-hour module goes through numerous basic functions of Wireshark and has a very impressive handout that was created for the live event. Click the Documents icon to download the course handouts and trace files.

If Your Focus is Troubleshooting...
If troubleshooting is your primary focus, check out the CS44: Top 10 Reasons Your Network is Slow. This is a great course covering the top reasons that people complain about the network. From congestion issues to buffer issues, this course offers a checklist of items that should always be in the back of your mind when that phone rings.

If Your Focus is Security...
If security is your primary focus, check out CS42: Hacked Hosts. You'll get a chance to analyze traffic to/from several compromised hosts.

If You are New to Wireshark
Check out the 10 Essential Wireshark Skills course for a list of tasks that you really should master. Did you know Laura Chappell covered tons of skills in her "Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis" book? We have the lab exercises from the book over in the Book Videos category.

We hope this helps guide you along in the portal.