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Course Catalog - Updated February 2017

This updated version of the All Access Pass course catalog lists courses in development, newly-released courses and retired courses.

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Wireshark Jumpstart Course!

Did you miss the Wireshark Jumpstart event with Gerald Combs? If so, don't worry - if you are an All Access Pass member, I recorded all my Wireshark Jumpstart demos and put the videos (11) up on the AAP portal in this class - CS48: Wireshark Jumpstart! The course includes my Wireshark Jumpstart Event Notes document and the extra trace file I used to demonstrate host name extraction with Tshark.

Just Released! Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis (Second Edition)

Nine separate online courses focusing on essential network analysis skills.

These courses are based on the best-selling Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysts (2nd Edition) book which focuses on Wireshark v2 functions.

10 Essential Wireshark Skills

[NEW] This course is based on a live AAP event. Laura demonstrates the following 10 essential Wireshark skills: Key Word Filtering, Set up Unattended Capture with the Ring Buffer, Profile Importing, Add Filter Expression Buttons, Advanced IO Graphing with Logarithmic Scales, TCP Delta Graphing, Export Column Information to .csv Format, Use “Follow stream” to Filter out Normal Traffic, Splitting Trace Files (Capinfos then Editcap), Host Name Extraction and Use (Tshark).

CS43: Analyze and Improve Throughput (CPE: 1.5)

What are the main factors affecting throughput and how can you pinpoint why your throughput is so low? How do you take a quick snapshot of round trip latency times? What about graphing out the round trip times calculated from traffic captured? How do you use the BDP calculation to determine the ideal TCP receive buffer size? How does the network recover from packet loss on UDP and TCP networks? How does Selective ACK help ease the pain of packet loss? How can you tell if queuing along a path is affecting performance? Laura examines numerous trace files from low-throughput networks and performs some live throughput tests during this detailed training course. This course includes live trace file analysis, latency testing and throughput tests using Wireshark, iPerf and NetScanTools Pro.

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